Executive Coaching and Interim Corporate Management

Process used to achieve results

DRB Consulting customizes its consulting and executive education approach to match the client’s desired results. Each initiative is focused on producing the specific critical outcomes necessary to achieve the organization’s success.

We assist the organization in identifying the fundamental assumptions that anchor business-as-usual and inhibit extraordinary results. As these un-examined “realities” are examined, the organization becomes energized with a fresh vision of what is possible. This clears the way for unprecedented breakthroughs in productivity and accomplishment.

DRB Consulting focuses on:

  • Planning for the Future
  • Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Executive Coaching
  • Aligning Operations with Strategy
  • Accountability
  • Empowering the Team

Planning for the future

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People directs leaders to “start with the end in mind.”  Too often business plans deal with today’s issues and fail to focus on how to advance beyond those issues.

DRB Consulting’s approach to developing a business strategy must start with the leadership’s vision, dreams and goals. No matter how “far out” your objectives – goals and dreams are powerful motivating tools. We too often see companies scale their plans to match current resources. Our role is to challenge the senior leadership to think beyond current limitations. When goals, vision and dreams require the organization to expand beyond its current ways of operating, then real success is possible. We help create the small steps to achieve the goals by creating mini plans with timelines and measurements towards the critical objectives.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved. Leaders demonstrate their commitment to the company goals everyday by what they do. An organization’s leader is responsible for creating vision, setting strategy, inspiring others and executing bottom-line results. Leaders often have great strengths and varying types of weaknesses. Successful leaders find ways to expand the effectiveness of their strengths and develop methods to pinpoint the resources to bridge their weaknesses and blind spots.

Executives use coaches to help them to increase the effectiveness of the way they lead, improve their relationship to their staff and clients and improve the organization’s future.

Effective Communication

Listening and speaking are normally ordinary activities; however, they take on new dimensions and provide unexpected power when used correctly. Listening and speaking become the tools for leadership, collaboration, creativity and breakthrough productivity.

DRB Consulting works with leaders to use these powerful communication techniques to improve relationships and help develop commitment-based conversations within the organization.

Executive Coaching

Professional Executive Coaching and Interim Corporate Management is the practice of supporting an individual or organization through the process of defining desired results, creating pathways to achieve those specific results and assisting with corrective advice along the way. The DRB Consulting process includes:

  • Building on a solid foundation. Leaders of an organization will often appear to have a common goal. We create an opportunity for the organization’s leadership to have candid conversations about their personal and organizational goals and then create a format to solidify the team on one purpose.
  • Creating a plan with the organizational leadership team to achieve their goal. The plan is then broken into specific, mini plans fitting into the overall strategy to achieve the ultimate objective. These short term objective plans are clearly definable and measurable giving leadership and the staff opportunities to see progress and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Using the same principles that produce championship teams in sports. A coach can spot deviations and provide those little corrections that assist team members in achieving outstanding results.
  • The Executive Coaching process also includes one-on-one confidential conversations designed to challenge the leader to think beyond the current limitations, creating what could be.

Aligning Operations with Strategy

A team of horses pulling a stagecoach is like a corporate leadership team. A team is most effective when all leaders are linked together pulling in one direction. When horses are uncoupled they generally will pull the same direction; however, they are harder to control and ultimately veer off course. A business leadership team is most effective when all team members are pulling together implementing a specific strategy.

Growing businesses are challenged daily as the pace of business increases and leaders must make daily decisions to effectively execute the business plans. Leaders of businesses with clear team alignment out-perform their competitors and stay focused on what is best for the company to meet its objectives.

This common focus becomes entwined into the business culture inspiring the entire organization to new levels.


“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear a word you are saying”

Thomas Jefferson.

As company leaders what you do every day is watched by your staff. If you are accountable to each other and complete what you said you will, when you say it will be done, then your staff follows as well.

DRB Consulting works with corporate leadership on remaining on track and being accountable to each other. We establish systems and techniques that can be used by the leadership team to help communicate and help each other accomplish tasks and corporate objectives.

Empowering your team

When people are fully engaged and excited about their accomplishments, the organization becomes energized and unstoppable.  When the staff’s “business life” has a sense of accomplishment, they move the organization further faster.

Empowering the staff comes from an empowered leadership team that has a clear set of goals communicated to the entire organization. This sounds easy, but in fact it takes time and a good deal of work before the staff becomes ready to commit. DRB Consulting works with the leadership team to develop its message and its communication to the entire team.

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