There is Always a Solution

Approaching 50 years in the construction business, I have found that everything has been and will continue to be about people’s attitude.   My observation is that there are two types of people – Solution Finders and Obstacle Finders. 

I have been fortunate to have surrounded myself with Solution Finders.  When presented with a challenge or obstacle, the Solution Finder seeks a way to get around the challenge to keep a project moving. 

I am sure everyone has experienced each of these personality types.  I have been lucky that for most of my career to avoid Obstacle Finders.  You know the type; they find the problem and explore all the reasons why nothing can be done.  If they would focus that same energy on finding a solution, the problem would be quickly solved.

Solution Finders are unique.  Once a challenge has been identified, they see ways to eliminate or overcome an obstacle.  They ask the question “How CAN we get this accomplished”.

An engineers or attorney’s job is to protect the design or client.  Too often their solution for an obstacle is to reinforce a structure, a building system or add clauses to a contract so that nothing can go wrong.  If something does go wrong, they and their client are protected.  Often the resulting design or contract language provides additional costs or negates the contract. 

DRB has always focused on how we can achieve the clients desired outcome with the least difficulty or cost.   I look for project managers, engineers and attorneys that are solution finders.  You will recognize them when they say, “I understand the challenge however if we can approach it this way, we can minimize the impact and achieve the client’s goal”.

Solution Finders find ways to get things done.  Clients have taken us around the world to solve problems that others said were impossible.  Some examples include:

  • Delivering a venue in less than two weeks, after a contractor claimed it could not be done in less than 4 weeks at a significant cost.  Results completed in two weeks at 1/5 the cost.
  • After a devastating Hurricane, designing and rebuilding an entire 5-star Caribbean Resort.  Delivering the entire $58.0 Million program in 7-months enabling the resort to open for the important peak season
  • Newly authorized City Government was required to be fully staffed and operational in 45 days.  DRB staff created a new system of city government, hiring the staff and consultants to be 100 percent operational on the first day of business.

Our website contains additional examples.

Henry Ford who challenged conventional wisdom by creating the manufacturing line is attributed with the quote:

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”