Mount Everest of Business

Mountain climbing and running a business are very similar.  A climber focuses on their next hand hold or step and will often lose track of how far they have climbed.   Climbing the mountain face, a climber will gauge their distance traveled by looking down.  As in mountain climbing, it is important for a businesses to access their progress and the reasons for their success or setbacks. 

Recently we submitted our qualification statement to be considered as one of Atlanta’s fastest growing companies.  We take pride in our 1,500% growth over the last two (2) years.  Repeat customers has been our key.

Since our formation in January 2011, we have assisted clients with multiple projects including hotels and casinos across the United States and the Caribbean.  We are excited about our work with multiple university systems, including a university project in North Africa, a museum expansion and several medical facilities in the southeastern region of the United States. 

Reviewing our business journey has been a great motivator.  Analyzing the reasons for our success is clear, we provide quality and valued project support.   

This was the success hallmark for building my previous company and clearly continues to be the reason for our remarkable growth over the last two (2) years.  Our team is focused on our future where we will once again DRB Consulting in Atlanta, GA will be listed by ENR as one of the largest Program Management firms in the United States.  newsletter_image