Don Boyken leading the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce

By By Bobby Tedder

For Don Boyken, all paths lead to the next level.

 As the new Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce chairman, Boyken is set to continue his very visible role in the early chapters of the city’s history.

Guided by a philosophy based on empowering others for the sake of widespread progress, he is looking to hit his stride in his new position.

“My focus and goal in life is helping people plant trees that I’ll never sit under … to just help people grow in general, help people start and grow businesses,” said Boyken. “We’re always looking for new people to help.”

The married father of five has served as a resource for the community since long before it reached cityhood. Boyken has been publicly active since 1989, even serving a stint as president of the Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association.

“When Don says something, people typically listen because he says it in a calm way, yet you know that he knows what he’s talking about,” said Debbie Fuse, executive director of the Dunwoody Chamber.

When the city was on the cusp of incorporation, local leaders, as a nod to his track record with large-scale projects, approached Boyken to craft Dunwoody’s business operating system and design the means for providing services to citizens. His efforts resulted in a model centered around outsourcing via multiple firms that Sandy Springs and other cities later adopted.

The New Jersey native’s aforementioned knack for taking on big-time tasks dates back to his graduate school days at Auburn University, when he balanced his studies with a job at a firm that worked on large construction programs, including a space shuttle launch platform.

Boyken later came to Atlanta as part of the project management team that built the Midfield terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. From there, he spread his entrepreneurial wings, starting up multiple firms, including real estate and consulting companies.

So, what’s next?

“What [our constituency] needs to understand is what the next level looks like,” said Boyken, highlighting the city’s expansive office and retail space opportunities.

“I have a vision of where the chamber needs to go … my job is to communicate that vision so people start to understand the magnitude of the economic engine we have in Dunwoody and capitalize on it.”,180239